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          Sunday* Architects is Bangkok, Thailand based professional company practices

architectural design, master planing, and interior design.

          We work on the believe that built environments should reflect context, history, cultures, functionality and environment while incorporating advances in technology and economy. We never stop being an avant-courier in creativity and design. Our designs bring the surreal imaginative architecture to the real world with study, research, and creativity.


          We challenge the design by allowing space for endeavour, inspiration, inventive thinking, and experiment. We build from our experiences but are also constantly looking for new way to optimize design.

“ Creating a better world, finding the best solution, and

realized through the innovative design “

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Saran Chaiyasuta

Managing Director / Senior Partner

Mr. Chaiyasuta is the co-founder and managing director of Sunday* Architects. He focusses on maintaining great client relationships and dealing with strategic operations. With his experience in award-winning international architectural projects, he provides design leadership and direction across the company for the projects from their conceptual onset to completed construction.

He studied at The Berlage, TU Delft, the Netherlands for advanced architectural design and urbanism. He also has a strong passion in aviation.

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Prachaya Vanagul

Company Director / Senior Partner

Mr. Vanagul has a lifelong interest creating strong bond between architecture and people. He is the co-founder of Sunday* Architects. In his role as executive director, he is involved in every stage of the architectural process, from client brief to construction. He believes in great design and finding solution. He passionately believes that good design can positively impact people and society.

Beside his professional life, Mr. Vanagul enjoy reading verious type of books during his spare time.

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Sira Chaichitwanitkun

Design Director / Senior Partner

Mr. Chaichitwanitkun has worked on diverse range of projects. He is interested in art, sociology, technology, and innovative building techniques. He provides strategic design advice to optimise the performance of the client’s projects and assets. His contribution to every project was not only to lead the design but also to influence people and bring the project to the completion with satisfaction.

Mr. Chaichitwanitkun is a keen explorer who travel the globe and capture the moment with his creative eyes.

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